De Kelders

De Kelders, Gansbaai

De Kelders, Gansbaai: An Amazing Rugged Coast


Named by the Dutch, De Kelders is translated “The Cellers”, but in context to the coast it is more accurately translated“The Caves”.

The combination of specific rock layers in proximity to an escarpment and the sea results in these amazing Sea Caves. Fresh water, flowing underground, carves out passages which are then eroded open by the sea. Exploring caves can be dangerous without a trained guide, both for you and the sensitive cave ecosystem. There are caves that are toured and others that we leave in peace and quiet due to bats breeding as well as other ecological factors. Have a look at our Instagram for pictures of the best caves!
De Kelders also is a fantastic location to view the Southern Right Whales from roughly June to November.

This Coast has a lot to offer and Explore, and is definitely worth a visit!


Happy trails!

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