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Gansbaai Cave Adventures

We love adventure and in Gansbaai there are many to be had. We specialize in exploring the De Kelders Caves and they are amazing; every cave is unique and offers its own unforgettable experience. There is a cave tour to suit all ages and interests. Our Guide is passionate about the amazing Gansbaai coastline. We also host a romantic picnic in one of the most special and private locations in South Africa! We take pride in constantly striving towards higher levels in ecotourism.

Duiwels Gat Cave

This may be our most spectacular cave. A 17m high cavern inside is lit by a ‘sky light’ opening in the roof, and below, a beautiful sandy cove provides the perfect location for our Romantic Picnic. This cave can only be experienced safely at low tide. A photographer’s dream, this cave is truly awe-inspiring! It is the second cave toured on The Adventure Caves Tour.

Soldiers Cave

Located in a blind gully, very few see this cave. Feel like an explorer and choose our Adventure Caves Tour, it never disappoints. This caves’ mouth is revealed at low tide and what fun it is crawling through the mouth into an S bend crack which leads into the deep high and relatively narrow cavern. There are Aragonite crystals which glow gold under spot lights. Deep inside once the lights are off, we experience true dense darkness! This cave tour offers an epic adventure.

Drip Cave

The “Drup Kelder” was discovered before the Cango Caves and was toured by Lady Anne Barnard in 1798! Besides the history (of which there is a lot) the cave boasts growing Speleothems and a mineral water pool fed by an underground stream! AND you can swim in it! #LIFE EXPERIENCE! Only 1hour in duration, a tour of this cave is the perfect punch of awesomeness for your time in Gansbaai!

Our Tours

1 Hour

Drip Kelder Cave Tour

1.5-2 Hours

Romantic Picnic

2 Hours

Adventure Caves Tour

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Local Landmarks

You can still visit the oldest local winery in the Valley. Nichelini Winery in Chiles Valley is the area's oldest winery. Founded and family owned since 1890.

“What an exciting and very educational experience! Gareth was a great tour guide- passionate about the conservation of the environment and also very clued up about the geology around us. It was absolutely magical to see such ancient, but still ongoing history in these caves.”
Absolutely incredible tour of the drip cave. Thank you Gareth! He is filled with so much knowledge and knows anything and everything about the caves and life inside of the caves. Cannot recommend it enough!
“Fantastic cave tour! Highlight of our trip and our guide was very knowledgeable and fun. Highly recommend for anyone. Wish we had more time to do some of the other caves. Was able to do a quick one hour tour and swim in the cave”

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